by Pmx



Devoid of emotion
They look up to the God that knows them well
Why take your life for granted
Teach us how to live inside this hell

How does it feel to be lost and alone
How does it feel to be wrong
We suffer for your sins
But you still can’t find a meaning
In the end your life has been your hell

Cry for absolution
We're deafened by the wall of constant noise
It only takes one minute
To make sure we forget all of our joys

You know how it feels to live life on your own
You know how it feels to be strong
Don’t let them suck you in
Cos you know you are much better
With no God to send you straight to hell

O Death where, where is your sting?
Where is your victory?


released May 1, 2016
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by John Harcus @ HarcusAudio
Drums recorded at Kevs country manor.
Guitars and Vocals Recorded in Chic's reeking bedroom.



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